Packing List

With: Happy memories.
Without: A calendar.

While de-cluttering I came across this anonymous looking piece of paper:

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This is my packing list for a peachy holiday in Scotland in 2009 – the first time me and the Waawo-ette senior went on holiday together. We went to Scotland to a little cabin alongside a loch. At the end of the week, we were like, “There’s a loch?” 😉

Some explantion of the items:

* Laptop + PSU – this was for playing video mostly (since we weren’t expecting any kind of mobile phone signal and hence no email, and we were right); the laptop was an old Dell D630 which I gave to my dad once I no longer needed it and I believe it’s still in use.

* O2 phone + PSU – back in the days of multiple phones and multiple charger (pre mini-USB), I had this Samsung phone with PAYG O2 sim for contact with the Waawo-ette senior, I can’t really remember why I couldn’t just use my Orange phone though. Since we weren’t expecting any coverage, and I only used this phone for talking to Waawo-ette Senior who was in the cabin with me, I’m not sure why I bothered packing it.

* Orange phone + PSU – at the time I worked at Orange and I had a HTC Windows Smartphone which seemed great at the time. See comments above about lack of coverage. Although we were travelling a long way and our only satnav was Orange Maps on this phone.

* HDD + PSU + USB Cable – a 1TB HDD which had a lot of movies and lots of episodes of The Apprentice (UK) in mp4 format.

* MP3 player – well, for music!

* MP3 radio thing – for playing MP3 music on the car radio during the journey. Turns out we didn’t use this, I’d burned some CDs instead with an epic playlist of 500 songs.

* West Wing DVDs – we’re still watching The West Wing! Just last night in fact we bought The West Wing Season 2 on Apple TV – the umpteenth copy we’ve bought between us over the years. Watching In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Parts I and II all over again, I was struck by how they don’t feel almost fourteen year’s old. The existence of West Wing is a factor in why Waawo-ette senior and I are back together after all these years, but that’s a story for another time and another post…

* Maps – well, they didn’t get used much, since we had Orange Maps on my phone. The satnav was very basic – and we called her Morag – and had an irritating habit of just shutting herself down rather than recalculating the route if you ignored her instructions too much. She also had an unusual trait of taking us to places but by slightly inconvenient routes, such as a mid-week emergency shopping trip to Oban, where we ended up on the road next to the giant store, but the other side of a high wall from it, necessitating much to-ing and fro-ing.

* Cabin details – how to get there and stuff.

* Camera + PSU – I didn’t take a single shot the entire time we were there!

* M. Mills book – I can’t actually remember which Magnus Mills book this was, but I suspect The Restraint Of Beasts – his first novel. I loved (and still love) Mills’ quirky worlds and characters. Didn’t read a lot during the week though (although we do read a lot to each other now).

* Tobacco + Papers + Lighter – ah, the halcyon days when we both still smoked!

* Chilli stuff + Pan – I made possibly the first meal I ever made for Waawo-ette Senior, just chilli and rice (or did we have chips?) but it was yummy. There’s a photograph somewhere of me cooking it, I wonder where (I suspect it was taken on WS’s phone…)

* Wallet – well, for money and stuff.

* House keys – er, so that I could get back into my house?

* Pants x 9 – I guess we went for nine days, so I assumed nine pairs of pants. Ha! I think I wore pants travelling there, on our emergency shopping trip, and travelling home. The rest of the time was spent mostly in a state of undress…

* Socks x 9 – ditto.

* Jeans x 3 – ditto.

* Shirt x 3 – ditto.

* Dressing gown – now this did see some use, we both smoked at the time and it was a non-smoking cabin so we had to go out onto the stoop to do so. Given the typical Scottish weather – cold grey and raining the entire time – something was needed for warmth!

* Towel – I still have this urge to take a towel with me even to places I know there will be towels, like hotels and such like. I have to train myself not to, it’s such a waste of space and weight, especially on a plane trip.

* Toiletries – hm, funny thing is, I can’t remember the shower or bath in the cabin at all, I assume there was one though.

* Coat – probably that black coat, of Hayling Island fame (another story for another post).

* All-Stars – the shoes! Still wearing All-Stars, although not the same pair!

* Animal hat – duller than it sounds. Just a beige hat, of the Animal brand, with the word “Animal” stitched into the front. WS liked it though.

And that was that. Not exactly a heavy packing list, especially when you consider how many of the items are tech/media related. It would be very different today I expect, what with Waawo-ette Junior in tow!

Suffice to say the time away was fantastic: in bed, cooking and eating, smoking and drinking, watching TV, and listening to music. Repeat x 9 days. Drive home. The best holiday I’ve ever had, because we were just enjoying each other and the moment so much. No interruptions by anyone. Truly, LWoK! (An acronym to be explained in another post I guess…)

Suffice to say, it’s a piece of paper that isn’t going to be de-cluttered!

(Oh, in case anyone is wondering about the calendar: we were our usual slothful selves about ordering a new calendar, so I had to make a page for January 2014 and stick it on to last year’s…)

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