Packing List – Postscript

Thinking about yesterday’s post – a packing list for a holiday – it occurred to me that it might be interesting to see what’s changed between then and now. How is this journey towards less stuff going?

* Laptop + PSU – yes, I still own a laptop (I’m typing on it now), but I never take it with me (except for work) – iPhone and sometimes iPad fill in nicely.

* O2 phone + PSU – long gone, just my iPhone now.

* Orange phone + PSU – long gone, just my iPhone now. In fact, this HTC phone was “loaned” to the older Waawo-ette senior, who promptly lost it. Remote control de-cluttering!

* HDD + PSU + USB Cable – gone. There are mirrored 2TB HDDs permanently on storing our video media, we just copy stuff to our phones when we want to travel anywhere. Other stuff is in the mythical cloud, courtesy of Apple and Amazon.

* MP3 player – still somewhere about, but never used. iPhone has taken over.

* MP3 radio thing – gone. It was rubbish anyway. Bluetooth is the way to go.

* West Wing DVDs – well, we still have the DVDs in the loft, but never play them. In fact, we don’t have a DVD player anymore.

* Maps – still got lots of OS maps…

* Cabin details – not exactly relevant anymore, but figuratively, I’m in the habit of sending details like this to myself on email so that I can just access them on my iPhone…

* Camera + PSU – still have the camera (a Canon DSLR) but I hardly ever use it, just use the iPhone camera now really.

* M. Mills book – still have this book, but it doesn’t have any great significance as an object, so like so many others it will eventually be replaced by a Kindle version.

* Tobacco + Papers + Lighter – neither of us smoke anymore.

* Chilli stuff + Pan – still got the pan, it gets used almost daily so was obviously a good purchase.

* Wallet – I’m on a different wallet now, but only have one these days, where I’m sure I used to have two.

* House keys – well, until remote locking for houses becomes commonplace, these aren’t going anywhere soon.

* Pants x 9 – obviously a change in approach, I very rarely wear pants these days, never at home, and so don’t now even own 9 pairs.

* Socks x 9 – no idea how many pairs of socks I own these days, I’d have to count!

* Jeans x 3 – well, I have three pairs of jeans still.

* Shirt x 3 – lots more than three shirts, although it would be interesting to keep track of how many actually get worn (except for work shirts).

* Dressing gown – yep, same one.

* Towel – it’s been replaced, we treated ourselves to new towels.

* Toiletries – yep.

* Coat – the black coat has been retired but is still in my wardrobe. I have precisely two coats that actually get used.

* All-Stars – currently have (I think) four pairs: black leather; blue canvas; red canvas; pink canvas (wedding shoes).

* Animal hat – lost somewhere or other. I have a new hat, a (faux) fur lined number with ear flaps that’s mega warm. And a new new hat, a black woolen one that was a Christmas gift this year, that the youngest Waawo-ette junior has taken a real shine to.

So altogether, not bad. I guess the main trend is a lot of convergence of technology into one device and greater use of online and cloud services for media. Certainly there’s a lot less wired stuff to carry around the place.

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