100 things in a, you know, 100 other things

So: one hundred posts in one hundred days. Inspired by the never less than entertaining 23thorns – a site I’m sure I’ll be mentioning again – I’ve decided to try to emulate the one hundred posts thing. Not for any real readership – because there is none – but just to build up a body of work on this site and to get into a groove, a rhythm, a reflex, a habit. Studies these days seem to suggest sixty-six days is what’s needed to build a habit, so this should get the job done. I have no idea what these one hundred posts will be about, there’s no master plan; I expect most will just be rants of one kind or another. But hopefully rants that lead to somewhere, illuminate something, or at least make me laugh. If not, they’ll at least be a kind of long long long journal entry for the coming three months and a bit.

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