Not to be defeated by the weather

With: Peachy realisation.
Without: Any clue when it might stop raining!

A slight break in the weather meant the chance to get out and about with the Waawo-ettes. A shower defeating quick march down to the nearby coastal town to pick up a few bits and bobs and have a look at the sea in fact. We have been pretty lucky so far with no flooding to speak of in the area – although recent high tides have inundated a couple of the local harbours.

It occurred to me while walking back that I’m forever reading complaints about how things to do with the family are too expensive. But we – at the moment at least – seem to have the knack for just spending time in each others’ company, no extravagant spending needed. Often no spending at all needed. Of course, the flip side to enjoying spending so much time together is that work is rapidly approaching, which means a curtailment, a limitation, comes into force. Something to work on for the future.

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