Cross-hairs mark the spot

With: My own coffee!
Without: A bad word to say about Travelodge (except for the coffee).

I am here:

photo (1)

The “hospitality” tray isn’t so great though – who can live with just a couple of sachets of regular Nescafe and a couple of sachets of decaff? Note I brought my own coffee and mug:

photo (1)

Other than that though, I love Travelodge. Just call me Mr Budget Traveler, even when work is paying. Fiscally responsible, that’s me. Really, there’s a complete lack of pretension or complications at these places, and at the end of the day, I just sleep well there, so what’s not to like?

Tomorrow I’ve got to go here:


Question is, can I find time to quickly slip here:


[Quick update: I did find time!]

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