Land’s End

With: Wind in my ears.
Without: Any more land to walk on.

Quick pre-work trip to Land’s End. Never been here before, and was only ten miles away so thought I’d just take a bit of a, er, detour.

The tourist “attraction” clinging to the end of Cornwall looks truly hideous. Even without a billion or so tourists milling around. On a cold grey wet January morning it’s pretty bleak, but I can just imagine the money grabbing hell this place is on a sunny August Saturday. So no more to say about that.

The end of Cornwall? Windy, rugged, awesome. Look in one direction only please. Dodgy horizons on these pics.



I’ve also got a mad crazy idea to walk from Land’s End to John o’Groats. Why? Because I can I suppose. Edges, end to end, all of those things – although a little bit of thinking makes me realises that it’s probably 850 miles out of 875 total from which the ocean won’t be visible. Hmmm.

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