With: A possible end in sight.
Without: A huge bundle of paperwork.

One of reasons I started this blog was to document – ironic choice of word – a decluttering journey, a general dis-accumulation of stuff. Do a simple search around the web and you’ll find no end of sites describing how stuff just clutters our lives and make everything much harder than it needs to be. I’m not a hoarder, never have been, but I do have a few blind spots, and one of them is paperwork.

Those of you paying attention will recall how a few days ago I had to turn the house upside down looking for my driver’s license. I resolved at the time to sort out the paperwork, and tonight began to do just that. There’s an additional incentive, which is that I need to sort out a few financials for my tax return (eek), so the time as they say, is now.

First step: get all the paperwork relating to me into one pile. Check.

Second step: get all of the envelopes and other obvious rubbish into a pile and into the recycling bin. Check.

Third step: get everything for scanning and shredding into one pile. Check. This is a big pile:

This is all paperwork that has identifying details and therefore, in the interests of avoiding identify scams, needs to be shredded. Some of this needs to scanned first before being shredded. The scanning and shredding is a job for tomorrow!

[Quick update: it’s done! Some things scanned & shredded, most just shredded. Gone forever (from my physical world at least).]

Fourth step: get all academic certificates into a pile and sorted into date order. Check. They then went into the certificate book:

This book holds certificates going back 26 years, including (charmingly) a GCSE certificate (B in Welsh!), which seems ever so irrelevant now.

Fifth step: everything else is in a pile, ready to be sorted and filed in a not-shiny not-new but empty filing box:


This is stage two, tomorrow night!

[Quick update: it’s done!]

Just to give an idea of the scope of some of the other decluttering that’s got to be done, here’s a shot of the inside of our “work” cupboard, where the laptop and a couple of other bits of pieces are supposed to live. Only now they’ve been joined by quite a lot of other stuff:


Eek! That’s yet another job for yet another day!

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