Cross-hairs mark the spot

With: My own coffee!
Without: A bad word to say about Travelodge (except for the coffee).

I am here:

photo (1)

The “hospitality” tray isn’t so great though – who can live with just a couple of sachets of regular Nescafe and a couple of sachets of decaff? Note I brought my own coffee and mug:

photo (1)

Other than that though, I love Travelodge. Just call me Mr Budget Traveler, even when work is paying. Fiscally responsible, that’s me. Really, there’s a complete lack of pretension or complications at these places, and at the end of the day, I just sleep well there, so what’s not to like?

Tomorrow I’ve got to go here:


Question is, can I find time to quickly slip here:


[Quick update: I did find time!]

External links:
RNAS Culdrose (Royal Navy)
HMS Seahawk (Wikipedia)

Black Down

With: Marilyn #2
Without: A cloud in the sky!

Another fine Saturday, so another Marilyn. Black Down, in West Sussex, is a strange peak – tree covered and not massively peaky. 290m at the trig, fab views in both directions – including down to the previously mentioned Butser Hill.

No pics (apart from the GPS confirm), think there are two more Marilyns in West Sussex to tick off…


External links:
Black Down, West Sussex – Wikipedia
Black Down, West Sussex – National Trust

First day back

With: A map to help me get to my office.
Without: Anything.

First day back – not at work, but at work in my own office. Long break, followed by a trip up north, equals a big culture shock. Plus, determined to do work “better” this year: less procrastination, more assertiveness, better plan and more adherence to that plan. Check back later to see how that’s working out…

Up (and away)

With: Three laptops.
Without: My driver’s license (temporarily).

Short trip north (on business) so I find myself at the delightfully local (to me) regional airport that I love. It’s possibly my second favourite airport in the world, after Gibraltar. Nothing beats being able to walk from the aircraft to your apartment in 20 minutes or so. It’s a bit further here – and a car is involved – but still way better in every way than the two behemoth hubs that are just about reachable.

As I’ll be hiring a car at the other end, I needed my driver’s license. Of course, it was nowhere to be found. Cue (semi) panic until it was located, tearing through the oddest places in the house, all the while thinking of alternative strategies to prevent the trip being a disaster. So, note to self: project for my return is to end up With: A sensible filing system for important, often needed quickly documents, and Without: Lots and lots of obsolete paperwork and other paper based junk. [Quick update: begun!]

Onwards (plans) and upwards (water level)

With: A step towards the future.
Without: Any wellies – may need some soon though!

Signed up for CS50x (Introduction to Computer Science at Harvard, hehe) following on from this post at the ever excellent Life Hacker. This is a step towards a different future – that involves less customer service and more actually building, you know, actual things.

In other news: water levels still rising! As well as the roads round and about, the field over the back:


Not to be defeated by the weather

With: Peachy realisation.
Without: Any clue when it might stop raining!

A slight break in the weather meant the chance to get out and about with the Waawo-ettes. A shower defeating quick march down to the nearby coastal town to pick up a few bits and bobs and have a look at the sea in fact. We have been pretty lucky so far with no flooding to speak of in the area – although recent high tides have inundated a couple of the local harbours.

It occurred to me while walking back that I’m forever reading complaints about how things to do with the family are too expensive. But we – at the moment at least – seem to have the knack for just spending time in each others’ company, no extravagant spending needed. Often no spending at all needed. Of course, the flip side to enjoying spending so much time together is that work is rapidly approaching, which means a curtailment, a limitation, comes into force. Something to work on for the future.