Up (a bit) at last

With: Height, sun!
Without: Some head cobwebs

Finally the rain stopped, and a beautiful clear day beckoned. What else is there to do when the sun is shining and there’s no work to do? Get high of course! It’s not spectacularly easy to get up very high without travelling a fair way from here, so in lieu of real height, prominence: Butser Hill, the only Marilyn in Hampshire. Gorgeous day, very quiet (when we arrived, although rammed by the time we left!) and just what was needed after days and days of being almost housebound by the rain.




New year, new me. Scratch that – it’s still the same me

With: Rain!
Without: A certain black logo’d hoody.

Some kind of contrast weather wise to January 1, 2013: 365 days ago, the sun shone all day and it was so unseasonably warm that everyone and their dog were out and about for a New Year’s Day stroll. In fact, people threshold was reached so quickly that day, we didn’t even stop the car, but returned straight back to the sanctuary that is No61.

This year: driving wind and horizontal rain, courtesy of the back end of the latest in a series of storm systems moving through over the holiday period. Such grim, set-in weather in fact that no external mission was attempted. Still, cease repining: tomorrow promises (slightly) better weather, so an effort to get higher may be made.