Butser (again)

[Marilyn #1]

Ticking off all the local Marilyns again, with the very first, Butser Hill. Such a lovely walk, up one shoulder and down the other. Ignore the transmitter and tramp over to the trip point; summit level snacks with junior; and awesomely windy and cold on the way back down. No pics this time, but have some from last time.

What is this about a kiosk? I’ve never seen that! The views are great though. Next time we really must wander into the mini punch bowl between the two shoulders and have a mooch around in there.

Chanctonbury Hill

[Marilyn #3]

The third Marilyn in this phase of my life! The strangely atmospheric Chanctonbury Hill – goodness, that’s a terrible Wikipedia article. No pics I’m afraid, maybe next time. Oh, the article on the Ring at the summit is slightly better. And an article with much more on the eeriness – some very excitable description, but the fact is that we did feel oddly disquieted at the top.

Black Down

With: Marilyn #2
Without: A cloud in the sky!

Another fine Saturday, so another Marilyn. Black Down, in West Sussex, is a strange peak – tree covered and not massively peaky. 290m at the trig, fab views in both directions – including down to the previously mentioned Butser Hill.

No pics (apart from the GPS confirm), think there are two more Marilyns in West Sussex to tick off…


External links:
Black Down, West Sussex – Wikipedia
Black Down, West Sussex – National Trust

Up (a bit) at last

With: Height, sun!
Without: Some head cobwebs

Finally the rain stopped, and a beautiful clear day beckoned. What else is there to do when the sun is shining and there’s no work to do? Get high of course! It’s not spectacularly easy to get up very high without travelling a fair way from here, so in lieu of real height, prominence: Butser Hill, the only Marilyn in Hampshire. Gorgeous day, very quiet (when we arrived, although rammed by the time we left!) and just what was needed after days and days of being almost housebound by the rain.